The official Madonna 30th anniversary Sleeve Face contest

On October 6th, 1982, Madonna released her very first single titled "Everybody". The record's sleeve may not have featured Madonna's face, but the song soon became a huge club hit. October 6th, 2012, will mark her 30th Anniversary in the entertainment world. The Material Girl has released many hit singles and number one albums through the years,each of them featuring Madonna on its cover. Time for us to celebrate this special anniversary and to pay tribute to her incredible career using her own work as source of inspiration!

Now, all you need to do is to pick your favourite Madonna single or album sleeve and to come up with your own sleeve face creation! You can stick to the original photo's look and feel or make it even more fun by adding accessories and/or an unexpected background, the only limit being your imagination…

Once done, e-mail us your creation at before 11:59pm EST on October 19th, 2012, using "MY MADONNA SLEEVE FACE" as your e-mail's subject line.



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