PHOTO + VIDEO: Madonna at Coachella - The Drake Kiss!

RUMOR: Madonna to perform at the 2015 Billboard Awards

WATCH: Madonna makes her stand-up debut

As you remember from The Jonathan Ross Show, Madonna wants to do stand-up comedy. Last night, she had her debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

WATCH: Madonna on The Tonight Show - Bitch I'm Madonna!

WATCH: Sandra Bernhard and Andy Cohen comment Ghosttown video

Like two real fangirls...

WATCH: Ghosttown Official Video

Ghosttown still premieres on Meerkat!

If Madonna doesn't break the internet again, like she did yesterday, Ghosttown will have its premiere via Meerkat app, tonight at 7pm CET.
Click on the picture below and get there!

Ghostown Video premiers tomorrow #meerkat 10 am west coast 1pm east coast! #apocalypticlovesong #ghostown ❤️#rebelheart
Watch my Video on Meerkat tomorrow!! 10 am West Coast 1:00 East CoAst! #ghostown ❤️#rebelheart

WATCH: Cosmopolitan, behind the scenes

WATCH: Ghosttown Teaser

Ghosttown video coming up in 9 hours!

Ghosttown video will premiere on Meerkat App at 19h CET!
Click on the picture below!