Everybody! It's 30 years of Madonna!

Today we celebrate 30 years of Madonna in the show business. It all started in 1982.
At that time, she frequented the Danceteria nightclub in New York. It was there that Madonna convinced the DJ Mark Kamins to play "Everybody" for the crowd, and the song received a positive reaction. Kamins offered to get Madonna a record deal with the understanding that he would produce the single. He took her to his boss, Chris Blackwell, who owned Island Records, but he declined to sign Madonna. This rejection led Madonna to Sire Records in 1982, Michael Rosenblatt.
By incorporating R&B infused beats in the music and not including her image on the cover artwork, marketing for the song gave the impression of Madonna as a black artist. That impression did not last long as Madonna would later convince Sire executives to shoot a music video for the song. The low-budget video directed by Ed Steinberg showed Madonna and her friends in a club singing and dancing to the song. The video helped to further promote the song and Madonna as an artist.


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