TIFF W.E press conference - highlights

W.E will be shown tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival, and Madonna's press conference ended just minutes ago. Here are the highlights.

 Madonna wore a "WE" necklace and a red dress. The necklace, as Madonna herself stated, was a birthday present from her staff. Alongside Madonna there were Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish, as well as Abel Korzeniowski, the composer for the film.

 Madonna believes W.E.'s message is 'Happiness lives in your own hands' & 'You are in charge of your own destiny'. She also added the crew had sing-a-longs to pass the time on set.
Madonna didn't think of herself as the boss but the storyteller on set of W.E, and she "was never interested in making a straight-forward bio pic."
 Madonna also said she created a connection with her cast by putting the finishing touches on their costume and jewelry.
When asked why she used a Sex Pistol song, Madonna answered: "I thought King Edward VIII was a punk."
 "I can tell when people are reviewing my film and when they are reviewing me personally,", said Madonna. "I care about critics - as long as they stick to the film and not to my personal life and music."
Madonna also added the Abbie Cornish character is inspired by a character from the book "Tender is the Night" by F.S. Fitzgerald.


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