News in Brief

  • The "Glee" cast in New York City, rehearsing for the final season, using Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" and Madonna's "I Love New York".


  • The New York magazine wrote an article on Madonna and her school in Malawi, posting along a very interesting montage... check it out HERE.

  • Debbie Harry says she would have been able to achieve the same levels of fame as Madonna if she had put more thought into her long-term plan. Debbie thinks the American star – often nicknamed the Queen of Pop – is clearly more driven than her, an idea which was compounded when they met. “Did I ever meet her? Yes. I worked with Mary Lambert [film-maker who directed Madonna’s Like A Virgin and Material Girl videos] on my hit I Want That Man video. She took me to Madonna’s birthday party. But we are from totally different ways of thinking,” she said in an interview with Q magazine. “She is so totally career-orientated and showbiz-minded. I missed the boat on that one. If I had thought more I would probably have been Madonna before she was.” Despite their differences, Debbie considers Madonna an exceptional artist. However, there are many other artists she’s been even more impressed with. “She had some really great songs. She’s a great performer and a great dancer. Anyone who has that determination and drive, you have to give them credit. But she wasn’t my favourite,” she added. (

  • After some tecnical problems, the NME Greatest Pop Act Poll is now back, vote Madonna as she's losing only to Katy Perry at the moment! LINK


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