Madonna devastated over death of her grandma

Madonna is said to be heartbroken by the death of her gran, who raised her from the age of five.
Elsie Mae Fortin took charge of the young Madonna when her mother was killed by breast cancer in 1963, aged just 30.
Elsie died three months before her 100th birthday, with friends and family at her bedside in Bay City, Michigan, on Thursday.

A friend of Madonna, 52, said: “She is absolutely devastated. Since the age of five, Elsie has been like a mum to Madge.
“So far she has been very quiet, and isn’t herself at all. It’s going to take her a long time to get over this, and she’s spending a lot of time with her family.”
The pair were said to be “incredibly close”.
In 2008, Elsie said: “She has done things that I don’t approve of, but she’s my granddaughter and I still love her. I’m proud of her hard work and she has always been good to me.”


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