Marc Jacobs Won’t Have Celebrities at His Show This Season Because They’re ‘Boring’

Marc Jacobs's business partner, Robert Duffy, says they won't have any celebrities at the show this season.
Read more: Marc Jacobs Won’t Have Celebrities at His Show This Season Because They’re ‘Boring’.
Last season Marc said he wouldn't have celebrities either, but then Madonna and Lady Gaga made an appearance at the show anyway.
Gaga was only allowed to go because she asked and was headlining the after-party. However she was late, as she tends to be when she has to paste spikes to her face and still make sure her makeup looks perfect, and the show started before she took her seat. Madonna was only allowed to come because no one can not allow Madonna to do anything.
"She came backstage, and I was like, “What do you do with her now?” You know what I mean? Because it’s not like she was invited. She just called and said she was coming, and we weren’t holding the show for her. She just came and that was it."
Duffy doesn't want Madonna and her ilk to distract from what the show is all about: fashion.
"There’s certain things I can’t control, but we used to have all the celebrities and people there, and I think that at that moment in time that’s what people loved. It generated so much press and at a certain point it was like, did anybody actually watch the show? All I ever saw in the press was who was there. So we sort of stopped that and just got back to showing a fashion show, and if people want to come, great."

NY Mag

And speaking of fashion, what ever happened to the Christian Audigier/Madonna collaboration?
Christian was reportedly pissed when he learned that after months of sweating over designs Madonna had changed her mind about the collaboration after her application to adopt an orphan was rejected by a family court judge in the African nation of Malawi.
The National Enquirer writes: “Outraged Audigier says Madonna agreed to sign contracts for the deal a month ago, but when the Malawi authorities nixed her plea to adopt a native daughter, the distraught star blew off her designer pal, saying she was ‘depressed…and not in the right frame of mind” to continue working on the collection.

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