Madonna greeted with applause at the Palace

The singer Madonna visited on the afternoon of Wednesday (10), the entity Meninos do Morumbi in Sao Paulo. Soon after, she went to the Bandeirantes Palace, the seat of state government.Madonna arrived at the palace at 16.10, followed by a battalion of security guards, wearing the same suit with cream which was seen at the heliport of the Lagoon, in Rio She carried in her hand a Panama hat. The diva was received by the chief of protocol of the palace, which took her to a private elevator, which rose to their conversation as governor José Serra.Before climbing, Madonna was friendly and waved to journalists and servers that lay ahead, but said nothing. Serra had dispense the red carpet, which was even extended to the passage of the singer.Madonna asked for help from Sierra to the entity that you want to create for the benefit of needy children. She wants to take the work of his NGO Success for Kids, aimed at underprivileged children to schools of São Paulo.The governor liked the project and said the singer who is a fan of his films, especially the long-Body of Evidence (1993). Madonna said she chose St. Paul because he was impressed with the mixing of the population of the city. The first lady, Monica Serra, also attended the meeting. At the end, the governor Jose Serra gave a news conference in which he made his assessment of the social project of the singer:
Personally, I think [the project presented by Madonna] very interesting, because it is focused on self-esteem of children. There is a formal educational program to learn how to read or write. It is a program to develop psychologically and learn to cope better with life.Humorous, the Governor did not disapprove the employees who left their business to see Madonna up close:

- Madonna is visiting your workplace. Let them have fun.


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