Rupert Everett: Madonna isn't speaking to me

After Rupert Everett published some details from her intimate life, Madonna ended their friendship.
"I think it (the book) is very affectionate, and certainly with her I was very careful to only write things that were. But she felt it was an infringement of privacy."
Maybe Madonna didn't like this particular part:
"..and it was obvious that she was playing with Sean [Penn]'s cock throughout the meal. She was mesmerising. She oozed sex and demanded a sexual response from everyone. It didn't matter if you were gay. You were swept up all the same."

"Just like America, everything about Madonna had changed. And what had happened had been carefully wrapped in psychological clingfilm and locked inside an interior fridge. Sometimes, in moments of stress, Madonna had power cuts and the old whiny barmaid came screaming out of the defrosting cold room."
"Goddesses like that are obsessed with their public image and want to control everything about it, so if anyone is to tell anyone anything about her it's got to be her."

The actor, whose career went down after their mutual project, "The Next Best Thing", said Madonna hasn't forgotten him yet.
"Elephants don't forget. She doesn't trust me anymore".


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