Recap: Madonna on Le Grand Journal France

Madonna was interviewed on the French show Le Grand Journal a while ago, and here are the highlights.

At the beginning of the interview, Madonna addressed her BRIT Awards fall once again, saying she simply "carried on".
She then addressed current issues Europe faces and talked about those she saw herself during MDNA tour - the arrested president in Ukraine, the arrested gay fans in Russia and the swastika in France where they threatened to arrest her for that. She then said she would want to sit down and have a drink with Front National leader Marine Le Pen. "Maybe I understood her wrong, I wanna see where she's coming from."

Madonna also spoke about Hilary Clinton's presidential candidacy in the US, saying she is not sure about it, because she doesn't know all her policies, but she admires her and looks up to her. The singer also talked about ISIS and the recent destruction of art in Northern Iraq, saying that these people do not reflect the values of Quran. Asked why in one of her Instagram photos she wore a burka, she said "Why not? I like it, I wanna wear it."

Madonna also met Luz, a Charlie Hebdo chief editor who survived the terrorist attack in January. She was very moved by it and she thanked him by saying "thank you for being a freedom artist." She then sent a message to those who died saying "Your lives are not gone in vain."

"When I can't fight with art anymore, I will fight with my words and my heart."

The Queen of Pop also talked about Ghosttown, saying it's a love song about the end of the world she would like to survive and that it's about finding a person to start a new world with.

After they showed her Sister Cristina singing Like A Virgin, Madonna said: "She is a very good singer. Not bad! But... LIKE a virgin? Just saying." She then mentioned she wanted to be a nun as a child, but gave up after she learned they can't have boyfriends and have to marry Jesus.

The weather forecast was announced while doing choreography to Vogue, which Madonna praised.

Madonna talked about the cover of Rebel Heart album, saying that for her, the wire represents a fence, an obstacle that she, as an artist and freedom fighter has to fight in order to express herself and have her voice be heard; it is a symbol against oppression.

She talked about Mike Tyson and hopes for a collaboration with Stromae.

Madonna then performed a different, remix version of Living For Love with lots of choreography and GHOSTTOWN, with no dancing and a piano follow.

Stay tuned for the full video!


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