Madonna to perform at the Grammys 2015?

Music news website Hits Daily Double reports that Madonna will perform at the Grammy Awards 2015, along with AC/DC and U2.
Madonna first hinted it is a possibility in the Billboard Q&A interview after the release of six "Rebel Heart" songs.

Originally I wanted to put everything out together. I have an overabundance of songs, and actually, the reason I wanted to call the record Rebel Heart was because I felt like it explored two very distinct sides of my personality. The rebellious, renegade side of me, and the romantic side of me. In my mind, it was almost like I wanted to do a two-record set. So you get this chunk of songs, and that chunk of songs. That was my original goal. But then all the demos leaked and I can't really go down that road anymore, so I put out (the six songs) first and then, I think a few more songs are going to come out during the time of the Grammys. Then the rest of the album will just come out together (in March), and they'll just get my rebellious and romantic side all mixed in together.

You mention the Grammy Awards… I'm already picturing you on the Grammy Awards performing "Living For Love" with various guests…

…I'm picturing how that would be wonderful performed on the Grammy Awards, perhaps.
Yes, that would be wonderful. That's possibly something that's gonna happen. (Laughs.)

Yes. Possibly.

Can't spill all the beans right now.

The 2015 Grammys will be held on February 8th.


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