Highlights from Guy Oseary's Twitter Q&A

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary responded to fans' question late last night on Twitter.
Here are the highlights...

- The second single has not been chosen
- Madonna will not direct a movie in 2015. The year is entirely dedicated to Rebel Heart
- The “Living for Love” video hasn’t been recorded yet and should be released in the first week of February
- “Ghosttown” might get its own video, but nothing decided yet.
- Original release date of the album was April 2015, but was changed to March 2015 due to the leaks
- Initially “Rebel Heart” was considered a double album, half Rebel + half Heart
- The album is almost done and will be promoted!
- The album will contain 19 full tracks, no interludes
- The album booklet may include the lyrics
- No news on the tour
- No Katy Perry collaboration planned
- The director of "Living for Love" video has been selected

Regarding the alleged feud between Madonna and Lady Gaga following the leak of a song called "Two Steps Behind", Guy said:

He also said that the song will not be released, along with many others, and that it isn't dedicated to anyone at all.

Even Madonna herself reacted on Instagram:


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