Is Madonna making... a rap album?!

Lucas Garrison of is convinced Madonna's new album will, at least, be very rap-influenced. For that, he is reviewing evidence..

1. Larry D. Griffin, aka Symbolic 1, aka S1

The producer of many big names, such as Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye, in an interview with the author said: "I was in the studio with Maddonna for two weeks, which was crazy. She flew me out for a week in L.A and we did four songs. And then she flew me out to New York and we did another four songs. I'm really excited about that stuff."Madonna doesn't just fly you out to both coasts for two weeks to record eight songs for shits and giggles. Eight tracks is a lot. That's almost an entire album. I have a hard time believing that eight songs are just going to go unheard. There has to be a plan right?

2. Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones aka Nas

Judging by her history, I feel like it's bigger news if Madonna doesn't lick somebody, so her slobbering on Nas didn't strike me as odd (real talk I'd probably do the same thing). What struck me was where the the licking occurred; on Nas' face, obviously, but also in a studio!

3. Chancelor Bennett aka Chance The Rapper

I wanted to think Madonna was making a rap album, but it felt more like I was chasing a unicorn. Now that Chance is involved, I really believed an album was in the works. Too many rappers for us to ignore.

4. Dacoury Natche aka DJ Dahi

That right there is a picture of DJ Dahi, pop producer Blood Diamonds, and a giant ceramic penis. Also, this mini documentary, on Dahi oh-so-casually mentions that Madonna has flown him out from L.A. to NYC to work.

And to finish the story with something juicy, rumor has it Madonna is collaborating with Kanye again...


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