LISTEN: "Ariosa", a 1999 demo

Description taken from YouTube:

1999.- Recorded by Madonna with William Orbit, this is the song from where Wonderland Comes. Wonderland, a 47 second song used for a short lived TV series from 1999 and recorded with William Orbit. Orbit later posted a longer 59 second version on his website which credits Rupert Everett as a co-vocalist. Madonna is heard humming throughout the clip. The humming was later used on the Music album track, "Amazing." The humming can be heard more prominently in the demo instrumentals. This short clip of Wonderland actually comes from an unreleased song titled "Ariosa." Recorded during 1999 in the Music Sessions.
"Everyone’s a know-it-all / But will they be there / To catch me when I fall?"
"Everyone’s a specialist
On where I’ve been
Or who I’ve kissed
Choices I should make
The lovers I should take…”


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