[Trivia Heaven] Let's answer!

Here are the answers to my yesterday's questions:

Madonna did a TV commercial in Japan in 1986 for which electronics company?

The answer is Mitsubishi - "La Isla Bonita" has been used in this commercial and has been later included as bonus track in the "Something To Remember" album in 1995 (japanese edition).
You can watch the commercial below

When Glamour magazine put Madonna on their cover at the end of 1990, they airbrushed and retouched the cover photo to a shocking extreme. What was the one thing they changed that most offended Madonna?

Madonna was angry because they airbrushed the gap between her front teeth.

Do you know the full names of Madonna's biological children, Rocco and Lola?

Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and Rocco John Ciccone Ritchie!


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