[Trivia Heaven] Wheels on the Bus

This week's trivia was sent to us by our reader Petar, aka broken - thanks a lot! (:

If you're a hardcore fan, you could have noticed, while browsing endless lists of Madonna's unreleased songs, demos and fakes, a song called "Wheels On The Bus." Even though people were confused after hearing it on the radio and seeing it on tv and after all the negativity towards the lyrics and the video, this was not the result of "Madonna on drugs" or something, because she's not performing this song anyway!
The woman who caused all this commotion was British singer Mad' Donna, who got her name because her voice is very similar to Madonna's. Because, "Wheels on the Bus" is, in fact, a '50s American children's song by an unknown artist.It was based on the British song called "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Rush" and it is very popular in Britain and the US. The song is very catchy and the kids sing it often while on bus tours.
The single was released in 2002 and has the lyrics slightly changed, with "Ray Of Light" instrumental in the background. The video is also similar to "Ray Of Light." The single reached No. 17 on British charts and made it to charts around Europe, too!
The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsRPTy-TtF4
Live version (so you can see who Mad Donna is): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuIJWG13wvE

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