[Trivia Heaven] The Immaculate Conception... I mean, Collection!

Today, we'll talk about Madonna's first greatest hits compilation album, released back in 1990.
Originally named "Ultra Madonna", the name was changed as Warner Bros. felt that it was too similar to the name of dance artist Ultra Naté.
The title of the album is a loose pun of the Immaculate Conception, the conception of the Virgin Mary without any stain of the original sin.

And speaking of the conclave and while we wait for the new pope, here's an interesting fact:
Madonna dedicated the album to "The Pope, my divine inspiration". This led to many believing it was dedicated to Pope John Paul II, but it was actually dedicated to her brother, Christopher Ciccone, who had spent the year on tour with Madonna ("The Pope" is one of his nicknames).

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The album is best-selling compilation album to date.

thanks to madonnaonline.com.br and amen-madonna.tumblr.com!


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