[Trivia Heaven] "Forbidden Love" symbolism

Let's go back in 2006, the fabulous "Confessions Tour" and its even more fabulous backdrop videos. This time we'll talk about "Forbidden Love".

The backdrop begins with one cell which represents the first human being. The cell then divides and floats as if they’re trying to search for something. They begin to separate into groups in the shape of religious symbols which portrays religious segregation. Towards the end of the video, all groups unite and they start to collide against each other. This represents breaking down the barriers between all religions resulting in the human population as one unified whole - one cell - just like how it all begun.
Just one kiss. Just one touch. Just one look. Just one love.

Also, Slant Magazine mentioned it in its review of the show:
"...Madonna's performance of "Forbidden Love," during which two men of color act out a disco-zombie dance of romantic disaffection. Behind them on the screen: a spectacle of blood corpuscles connecting to form symbols of hope and unity. Madonna is trying to convey how oppression is internalized, but her codification of emotional crisis is somewhat bloodless."


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