Trivia Heaven is back!

Even though the English version of our website didn't exist back in the day when we had a weekly section named Trivia Heaven, we're bringing it back! And this time, our foreign readers will get the chance to enjoy it too!

We had so much fun this time last year, when Madonna performed at the SuperBowl, and then announced her tour, and then all the new music and videos... but, this year won't be that exciting.
So, while we're waiting for new projects, to make the mid-album season pass quicker, we'll post trivia about Madonna, her life and work, and we invite YOU, the fans, to share it with us - if you know any interesting facts!

Our e-mail address is ever the same:!

This one is ALWAYS fun, especially with hard-core fans. Here are some of my favorites, and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments section!

-"Don't cry for me, Marge and Tina"                     (Don't Cry for me, Argentina)
-"A penis lies in your own hands"                         (Happiness lies in your own hands)
-"You gave me back a pair of dice                         (You gave me back the paradise
    That I thought I lost for good"                             That I thought I lost for good)
-"Young girl with eyes like potatoes"                     (Young girl with eyes like the desert)
-"Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me               (Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me,
    I think they're all gay"                                           I think they're ok)
-"Poppadom Bridge"                                              (Papa Don't Preach)
-"Like A Virgin,                                                     (Like A Virgin,
   touched for the thirty-first time"                            Touched for the very first time)
-"Something in the way you want me                     (Something in the way you love me
   Won't let me pee"                                                    Won't let me be)
-"And I feel                                                             (And I feel
   Like a disco-floor"                                                 Like I just got home)
-"Mmmmm                                                              (Mmmm
   If I could smell your arms"                                     If I could melt your heart)
-"You're here with me,                                             (You're here with me,
    it's like a dream                                                        it's like a dream
    Level crossing"                                                      Let the choir sing)
-"Beautiful straight girl"                                        (Beautiful Stranger)
-"I Died on a Date"                                               (Die Another Day)
-"Gonna dress you up in nylons"                          (Gonna dress you up in my love)
-"I just think of you                                               (I just think of you
   and I start to blow                                                and I start to glow)
-"I was a loney teenage                                         (I was a lonely teenage
   drunken slut"                                                        broncin' buck)
-"Bad Girl, grandpa's sick"                                    (Bad girl, drunk by six)
-"I paid for you with cheese                                   (I paid for you with tears
   You swallowed all my fries"                               And swallowed all my pride)
-"Let's get unconscious on E"                                (Let's get unconscious, honey)
-"And I deserve the "in" position"                         (And I deserve the imposition)
-"I've got the boobs, baby                                      (I've got the moves, baby
   You got the lotion"                                               You've got the notion)
-"Can't you feel the weight                                    (Can't you feel the weight
   of my chair?"                                                        of my stare?)
-"Every breath I think to                                         (Every breath I'm deeper
   Bring to you"                                                         Into you)
-"This is it from Heaven ABBA"                           (Kisses sent from Heaven above)
-"Have a nice this, have a nice this"                        (Analyze this, analyze this)
-"I'm gonna break the psycho,                                (I'm gonna break the cycle,
   I'm gonna shake up the system                              I'm gonna shake up the system,
   I'm gonna destroy my eagle                                   I'm gonna destroy my ego)
-"Senorita, must feed her"                                        (Senorita, mas fina)
-"The pain will laugh at your nose"                         (The pain of life that you know)
-"Do you like my ass? It rocks"                              (Do you like my acid rock?)
-"I got you a normal skin"                                       (I got you under my skin)
-"Just a bacon sea                                                   (Just a vacancy
   Love don't live here anymore"                              Love don't live here anymore)
-"Life is a pair of ducks"                                         (Life is a paradox)


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