MDNA Detroit: homecoming!

"This place made me who I am - a hard working girl," she told the crowd. "Detroit is making a comeback, I can feel it in my bones. We're making a comeback mother(bleepers), so everybody better watch out."

"It's no secret that I'm ecstatically happy to be here!"

During her speech, she mentioned Obama again.
"You can boo all you want," she told the Detroit crowd, "but I've been to countries around the world where people can't vote for their leaders."
Turning to a backup dancer, she cracked: "In the Basque language, 'boo' means 'I love you.'"
Booing continued as Madonna tried to relay a moment from Obama's acceptance speech.
"What's so great about the United States of America is we are a democracy," she said. "We get to vote who will be our leader."

Madonna's dad was also in the audience!

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