Madonna's Brazilian and Mexican interviews

Madonna is starting her Latin American leg tomorrow, with two concerts in Mexico City, and in the meantime, she did two interviews.

One of them is for Mexican magazine BASTA!, and the other one is with Brazilian TV host Luciano Huck: CLICK HERE!

BASTA! Interview:

Los Angeles - Madonna will perform at Mexico City's Foro Sol on Saturday, November 24th and says she is very excited to reunite with the Mexican public, which has always shown their love and enthusiasm for her.
With the MDNA tour, the biggest of he's career, the singer promises many surprises for her Mexican fans. In an exclusive interview with BASTA!, she talks about what people will see in her upcoming live performance.
"It's the biggest tour of my career, and the show we are traveling the world with is an impressive show of art and design, which could only be part of a Madonna tour and it's worth every penny," says the singer.
According to Madonna, the choreography and designs were given by Jean Paul Gaultier, Riccardo Tisci and Arianne Phillips, with the participation of all the artists who collaborated on the album MDNA, the most recent of her career, such as Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne .
"It also has a bit of history, so don't miss it. This is the first time I do something like this, I linked my latest album with my old songs in a single theme," she adds.
Madonna says that the Mexican public is lovely and warm, so she loves to sing there, because no one else expresses their emotions so vividly from start to finish of her show.
"I immediately perceive the nature of love. I must say that this tour is a journey from darkness to redemption, and has a lot of Latin elements that have always followed me throughout my career. There is always a surprise for each country that I visit, and Mexico is no exception," she announces.
Although she would not reveal the surprise she prepared, Madonna says there will be various topics, that include classics like Justify My Love, Express Yourself, Like a Virgin and Like a Prayer.
So far, Madonna has no plans to sing at a free concert in Zocalo, as Paul McCartney and Justin Bieber did recently, since after her concerts you need to take a break in a Mexican beach.
"In general I always feel very comfortable in your country, I love the love and warmth that people project. During my shows I always perceive this great energy, it's a beautiful country," said the Material Girl.
Madonna, who has sold 300 million albums worldwide, reveals her secret to maintaining a successful career is perseverance and determination, and being aware of the times you live in.

"It has a lot to do with social experiences, technology, your way of thinking, many things are converging in the trend and more in the musical question, especially if it transcends, because there are all kinds of music."
Asked how she manages to combine her role as mother and artist, Madonna has confessed that many people help her with the work, because if not, she would have already given up.
"I am a mother, a loving and a very careful one. I think having good players and a team of professionals, and knowing how to plan your time is difficult, but not impossible."
Finally, Madonna states there are no humanitarian projects planned at the moment, and as for the music, she already has something for her next album, as well as a new movie project; but right now, she's completely dedicated to MDNA.

LUCIANO HUCK interview:
Madonna gave this interview on the bathroom floor of her Miami hotel before her show!
The interview airs tomorrow, check out the preview in the meantime!


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