5 Years of Serbian Love.. and counting!

Five years ago, my friend Nenad published the first post on the Madonna Serbia blog...


...shortly after, I published mine - about one of my favorite people ever, (dearest) Liz Rosenberg...

Liz Rosenberg potvrdila glasine

...in the fall of 2009, the English version was born...


...and today, here we are. Still hanging in there! This blog is never gonna stop being my favorite hobby, that helped me meet a lot of awesome people from all over the Balkans, and the world. I'm glad we have the chance to bring the MDNA madness closer to these regions and I thank all of our friends, because your support means a lot, for a small, "local" website like this. A special thanks goes to all of our foreign supporters for stopping by - you helped create this community!
But we've only just started!




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