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I haven't been more excited about a Madonna album since "Confessions" - "Hard Candy" was a huge disappointment, except for a few good songs, like "Devil". But this one, I love everything about it. I love the fact Madonna became severe when it comes to leaks after we got GMAYL late last year. I love how she teased us by giving us "drop by drop" of everything.

I waited till today to finally listen to the whole album, and here's what I think.

1. Girl Gone Wild
Ever since I heard it in the Megamix I thought it was catchy. I didn't think it was going to be the second single, but I love the irony of it. The spoken part is a real tongue-in-cheek. When I first heard the title, I thought "oh god, not another m-dolla moment." But she got away with it.

2.Gang Bang
What can I say? While I was trying to get unspoiled, everybody talked about it, and I must say I heard it by accident (I swear, ok) while sending it to my mother to hear. And then, well, I just didn't have the heart to tell her to pause it. Mainly because it does NOT sound like Madonna AT ALL. And that's a compliment! Strong beats, great production, very hard-core. Very "Thief of Hearts". And I love her low voice!

3. I'm Addicted
I am! It was the only snippet constantly on repeat, after which I stopped listening to snippets. It's quite hard given I'm running a blog. But everything after this song would just not be good enough, I thought. I just couldn't wait for the whole thing. My first thought was "damn, what the heck is going on in this song?" So much melody, so many sounds, and even though it feels like a mess, it's just perfect.

4. Turn Up The Radio
Honestly, I wish there was less Solveig and more Madonna in this one, music wise. It's his song from the start, true, I just wish Madonna spiced it up a bit more with herself. If this turns out to be the third single, it would be a nice summer tune even though, as someone said, it contains too much repetition. A mood-lifter, definitely.

5. Give Me All Your Luvin'
Oh dear. Where do I begin? It's catchy... for about two seconds. Then I wish I had flown up to her while she was making this song and beg her to stop. It's bad, from the leaked demo on. But I get it, it fitted perfectly into the whole cheerleader theme for the Superbowl and she just HAD to do it. I'm sure people were trying to talk her out of it, but you know her. The video is fairly ok. Too bad this was the one to announce the album, because the album is nothing like this. Thank god.

6. Some Girls
I have to say, the beginning worried me, but the chorus pulled me through. The production is amazing, the lyrics are fine I guess. Overall, it's ok.

7. Superstar
Again, it screams Solveig, but at least the lyrics are all Madonna. It makes you feel "awww", you know? Especially because Lola is backing her. The bridge is pretty good, Madonna seems to like slowing down in songs on this album.

8. I Don't Give A
Oh wow. From the first beat, I was fairly blown away. My first thought was "Wow, this is new. NEW music by Madonna!" Oh yes, she can soooo still do it. I didn't expect the chorus to be like it is, but it only made me like it more. So much musical diversity, Nicki did a nice job. I don't know why, but the song looked like it "fell off" the "American Life" album, if it had a bit different production. And god knows I adore "American Life."

9. I'm A Sinner
As if it were one of the songs performed at "Confessions Tour", but recorded in the "Music" era. I like her vocals in this one. It's one of those songs you hear and you know it's Madonna singing it. Not very fond of it. Too much Jesus, hehe. Maybe it will grow on me.

10. Love Spent
God! The beginning definitely asks for a reaction, whatever that might be. It's full of surprises. The lyrics made me raise eyebrows, to be honest! Makes you think what's that all about. And it has William Orbit written all over it. An experiment at its best. And the acoustic version is even more of a killer. Interesting!

11. Masterpiece
I love everything about this song. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it the first glimpse of it. It deserves all the awards and Golden Globes. I cannot wait for the let-Madonna-catch-her-breath break in concert, so I fully enjoy it live. It really puts all those amazing "Ray of Light-Music-American Life" outtakes to shame. And I adore those outtakes.

12. Falling Free
Pure magic. Madonna+Orbit+Henry. Needless to say more. I can picture her writing this song and feeling free after she did. Amazing.

13. Beautiful Killer
The opening chords evoke "Memories" by David Guetta, lol. But this is Madonna I wanted to hear again and this is the kind of music I prefer when it comes to her. And here she is, all about "shooting" again, but this time I forgive her. It's the kind of song everyone can relate to. Yay!

14. I Fucked Up
I giggled when it started. But then it got serious, lol. The second half of the album seem to reveal the true Madonna, the honest Madonna, less hard-core and more herself. The one that stops being angry, like she was in the first half. It talks about the same old theme (you know, "you left me, come back, I'm sorry"), but it's done her way. Her vocals don't impress me here though. A bit too flat for my taste...or not.

15. B-Day Song
I was scared to death when I saw the title for the first time back in the day. But, it came as a relief when she said the album is pretty ironic. So I waited. And yeah, it's silly as hell! I love the fact M.I.A is in it, I'm a big fan, and no matter how weird it might sound, it's quite fun! Very simple, witty, feels like it was done by accident and they decided to keep it. You want to hate it, but you can't.

16. Best Friend
Welcome to Madonna's last marriage, everyone. Straight from her diary. The music is very pop electronic, again something slightly different from the rest. I find it perfect as the album closure. It's her very own signature.

Overall, the critics were right. It is a well done album and after two listens, it's more than great.
And that's all I needed.



Marco said...

Ja sam odusevjen.Bas je onakav kakav sam ocekivao da ce biti.Mislio sam da ce I'm a Sinner biti bolja...

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