MadonnaTribe exclusives: More on the tour, Superbowl and the new single!

My dear friends at MadonnaTribe brought up some more exclusives on Madonna's upcoming projects and we gathered them all together. 

Madonna will attend a special Super Bowl Press Conference on February 2nd. The press conference will highlitght what's in store for the Halftime Show and Madonna will be there to explain how this will be the greatest show on earth! 

On the promo side, Madonna will be featured on two major US magazines. She'll make the cover story of The Advocate and she will be also featured in People magazine with an extensive article even although she won't be the cover girl this time. 

M.D.N.A. is currently set to be the album in Madonna's career with the longest running time" - featuring a dozen songs on the regular CD with a few more to be added on the special edition packaging.
On Friday 3rd - two days before the Super Bowl - the new song will hit radios and also be available online and to download on all the major music outlets worldwide. The promo machine is working at full throttle and chances are that, although the Give Me All Your Luvin' day is set for February 3rd, a special preview of the new single will premiere the day before! And you read it right! The title of the new single has slightly changed again and it's now spelled "Give Me All Your Luvin'"!

And speaking of long run, her upcoming World Tour is also set to cover an incredible span of time. Just to give you a rough idea of what we're talking about, after kicking off in Tel Aviv at the end of May and having a few stops in the Middle East, the Madonna Tour will stay around Europe for three entire months for about 30 difference performances. The official Tour announcement is taking place two days after the Super Bowl, with tickets for the first announced concerts going on sale immediately afterwards. The upcoming Madonna tour will stop in two different Italian venues this Summer, and MadonnaTribe can confirm that the concerts planned are the following: 

June 14, Milan, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza 
June 16, Florence, Stadio Artemio Franchi 

As reported yesterday here on, these are just the first dates of a three month leg in Western Europe, which will see Madonna perform about 30 concerts up to an August 21st show planned at the Charles-Ehrmann stadium in Nice, France. The show will the visit other continents and territories, and will also bring the Queen of Pop in places where she has never performed before.
 Are you ready? 
Many thanks to MadonnaTribe!


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