Madonna to glamorize the globes

Speaking OF the Globes, it looks to be the usual glut of major stars — so many more than at the Oscars. Among them will be Madonna. Her “W.E.” movie has been nominated for Best Original Score and Best Song (“Masterpiece.”) “W.E.” has been Madonna’s passion for the past two years of filming and editing. But she has another reason for appearing at one of Hollywood’s most glamorous evenings.
On February 5th, she’ll perform at the Super Bowl halftime. It’s never too soon to promote an event, or an upcoming album. Madonna’s set list for the Super Bowl is still fluid, but she will, without a doubt, perform “Like a Prayer.” This is the number that always leaves ‘em screaming for more.

 By Liz Smith via wowowow

UPDATE: According to E! Madonna is set to present at the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday in Los Angeles. M gets the honor of handing out the award for Best Foreign Language Film!


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