Madonna slammed for using narcotic drug name as new album title

Madonna has started something of a hullabaloo after revealing that the title of her latest album will be M.D.N.A. – which some people consider to be too close to the name for the drug MDMA. The 12th studio album from the New York-based pop star – but first with Interscope Records – won’t be released for a few months yet, but health campaigners have hit out that 53-year-old for using a title that is similar to the drug known by many as ecstasy.
The Like a Virgin hitmaker announced the album’s name yesterday, but was then criticised almost immediately afterwards for glamorising the use of drugs. It is believed that the album’s title comes from abbreviating Madonna’s name, although it does have a similar sound to the drug, so sparking the outrage among many.
Lucy Dawe, a spokesperson for campaigning group Cannabis Skunk Sense, spoke to British newspaper The Sun about the singer’s choice of title, saying: “It’s an ill-advised decision.”
Meanwhile, M.D.N.A is scheduled to be released in March, although the Vogue hitmaker – whose real name is Madonna Louise Ciccone – has confessed that she won’t be surprised if it is leaked online ahead of then.
 Madonna, in a taped interview for tomorrow evening’s BBC One programme The Graham Norton Show, told the Irish host: “It depends how quickly people hack in to my server and leak it. Can people wait? It’s terrible.”


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