On the set of Anderson Cooper Show

Here's how the filming of Madonna's interview with Anderson Cooper went.
Thanks to boyculture blog!

M looked stunning in an all-leather dress with huge bow that squeeked into the mic the entire hour. Huge leather heels, pretty gold jewelry...She seemed to be having a good time, laughing, kidding about Anderson's suit, singing little songs about how they passed time on the set. Her publicist came into the picture once to fix M's pose so she wouldn't flash the camera. Andrea R(iseborough) was the only (other) star there, but hardly got any attention. I don't think this will air until the week before the superbowl.
"It lasted about 1.5 hours. It was mostly WE, but she also talked about adoption, empowering women, being nervous about the super bowl performance, and said there might be a concert next year cause someone has to pay for all this!"


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