Madonna and Césaria Évora - the duet that will never happen

Today, the African "barefoot diva" Césaria Évora passed away. We'd like to honor her by citing some of the moments she shared with Madonna.
The queen of pop was always a big fan of miss Évora. In 1997, Madonna wanted to hire her to sing at a birthday party she planned to throw at Gianni Versace's home, but it was cancelled after the fashion designer was murdered. When Madonna got married in 2000, she again invited the singer. But Evora turned down the gig when it transpired the Material Girl wanted her to appear without her full band. Even though miss Evora is know for being impatient and sharp-tongued, she said Madonna "has a beautiful show," adding she'd be glad to perform for Madonna in the future.
 In 2004, many websites reported Madonna wanted a duet with miss Evora, especially after the pop singer attended her concert in London on October 14th 2004.

 Sadly, that will not happen.


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