Arianne Phillips on styling Madonna's W.E

Oscar and BAFTA nominated costumer Arianne Phillips certainly knows her way around a movie set and understands the intricacies of working with directors. For her most recent project, she collaborated with a director she knows intimately — Madonna, whom she's been styling for nearly two decades.

Harper's Bazaar: What drew you to W.E.?
Arianne Phillips: Madonna asked me if i was interested in designing the costumes, and I said of course!

HB: What was it like working with Madonna in this capacity? Was she very involved with your process?
AP: After 14 years of collaborating with Madonna, we have a creative "short hand," an understanding and a language. She is a great director, she has been essentially directing and inspiring me for 14 years. She is detailed, prepared and open to ideas — which creates an atmosphere of creative trust which is essential to my process. No one understands costumes better than Madonna — from first hand experience as an actress and performer she has the ability to create characters and tell a story through costumes — she gets it.


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