New album details!

Our friends at MadonnaTribe have some exciting news to share with us!

Sources have exclusively confirmed to MadonnaTribe that confirmed producers of the new album are William Orbit, Solveg and Benny Benassi adding that the sound of the record is definitely pop dance and that at this very moment Nine Tracks of the album are ready.
Further more, as already reported today by MadonnaTribe the first single has already been choosen and features two vocal guests: MIA and Nicki Minaj. The song will also be presented during the SuperBowl appearance.
Photographers Mert and Marcus have been chosen to shoot the new album cover.
The photoshoot is happening towards the end of the year but they have already done the campaign for her coming fragrance called Truth Or Dare (the Madonna fragrance MTribe reported a few years back is finally happening after so many delays!)
In more music news, Madonna is going to put in her WE movie a brand new ballad she has penned and that she performs, but we have been told that at this stage it has not yet been decided if it will also be put on the new record or will remain a WE exclusive.
In other news we have been told the cover of the upcoming Harper's Bazaar has just been shot by Tom Munro!

Many thanks to MadonnaTribe!


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