New Album Updates!

Chicago reps for Universal Music Group claim Madonna is set to release her new album next spring. There is no album title yet, but one of the album’s strongest tracks is said to be a song called “Trust,” which was either co-written or co-produced with Sia. It is said to be like “Live to Tell,” but ten times better.

 Jim Steinman, one of the producers originally set for the album, is no longer on board. Instead, William Orbit and Jean Baptiste Kouame are producing a lion’s share of the album. Madonna is also very involved and is writing and producing some tracks all by herself. Industry insiders see this album as a milestone for Madonna in the same degree “Like a Prayer” and “Ray of Light” were.

 Madonna’s 2012 tour is being planned as we speak and it will be different from previous tours. Jamie King, Madonna’s long-time tour collaborator, will no longer be involved. Stay tuned for more information.


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