Madonna: album updates! + lawyers go after Daily Mail

Live Nation’s Chicago branch has informed me that Madonna’s still untitled (and unfinished) next album is likely to be released around April of 2012, with a single appearing in February. Madonna is having too much fun at the beach with her family and current boyfriend to finish her album this year.

There wasn’t any fun in the Daily Mail, a British rag, publishing photos of Madonna on the beach with her daughter. As a matter of fact, if you click on the Daily Mail link for the article with pictures, you will get a message that reads “The page you have requested no longer exists or is not available.” This is because Madonna is angry about the fact the tabloid keeps publishing private pictures of her children, who are underage. It’s usually illegal to publish pictures of celebrity children, but the law is rarely enforced.

The Daily Mail recently published a libelous article about Madonna’s upcoming film W.E. The article claimed that the test screening of the film was a disaster, despite the fact that most people who were actually at the test screening reported it was a major success. It turns out that the Daily Mail received their information about the test screening from an anonymous poster at a Gay sex site called The Data Lounge. It is believed that the anonymous poster never even saw the film since basic facts about it were incorrect.

Madonna had previously won a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the Daily Mail in 2009, a year after they published private pictures of her wedding.


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