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Lately, a lot of Madonna demos, unreleased songs and tour versions leaked online, and nobody seems to be sure whether they're fake or not. Any which way, they seem to sound good! i suggest you to visit our friends at and check them out!

Madonna's W.E. has been bought for the Argentine market and at the moment it is scheduled to be released in the country on December 08th 2011. (

During her appearance on "Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular", Madonna appeared to have been wearing a Cartier gem-set and diamond cross bracelet previously owned by the late Duchess of Windsor. The cross bracelet sold for over 600,000 to an anonymous bidder at Sotheby's. Looks like the identity of that bidder is no longer a mistery. (BoyCulture)

TIME magazine has published their list of Top 10 Controversial videos ever.
8. Madonna, 'Like a Prayer'
A word of advice: if you don't want to anger religious organizations, don't make a music video that includes a scene in which a woman seduces a saint. Madonna's video for the title track off her 1989 album Like a Prayer — which also features burning crosses and stigmata — was denounced by the American Family Association and by PepsiCo, which had reportedly paid the pop star $5 million to use the song in a commercial and didn't appreciate the negative press.

Speaking of lists, also featured Madge on one of their own: The Best of Celebrities First Jobs.
Madonna – Dunkin Donuts clerk
Madonna is many things, but a donut virgin is not one. The icon worked at the popular donut franchise as a teenager to make extra cash. (Looks like even young Mad knew she needed dough in a material world.)

Don't miss Madonna vs Lady Gaga on VH1 Europe this weekend!


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