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  • Madonna in New York (April 15th)

  • 10 Awesome Coachella Moments: Madonna at #4

Madonna Rules the Dance Tent

Coachella purists raised their eyebrows when organizers announced the addition on Madonna -- the most mainstream act the alt-rock-leaning event had ever booked -- as the Sahara dance tent's headlining act in 2006. But Madge proved that she belonged in the desert as she delivered a dynamic 30-minute set of club hits that had everybody but the Tool fans shaking their asses.

  • Latest on Madonna's "W.E.":

Rumor has it the movie will hit theaters on July 1st 2011.
The music for the movie was composed by Abel Korzeniowski, who is most famous for the score of the movie "A Single Man" by Tom Ford.
Andrea Riseborough is praised for her portrayal of Wallis Simpson, which Madonna successfully showed as a positive characted, according to Hugo Vickers, who wrote many biographies of the 20th century figures, including the of the duchess of Windsor.


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