Madonna to hold a concert in Korea?

The news that Madonna will hold her first concert in Seoul next May made headlines in the Korean media over the weekend.
But some Korean entertainment insiders are doubtful about whether she will really be able to add her name to the list of pop superstars that have come to Korea in recent years - names that include Beyonce, Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder.

On Spot E Korea, which claims to be the Korean branch of the U.S.-based firm On-Spot Enterprises, said on Sunday it has “finalized talks with Madonna to proceed with her concert in Seoul in May,” but that “details related to the concert date, schedule and security policies are still under discussion.”

It added that it had formed a partnership with Korean company Again Don Quixote in early October to prepare for the event.
But industry insiders say that On Spot E Korea’s announcement - which, at six months in advance of the actual dates, is much earlier than most concerts involving major-label pop stars - is a stunt to beat out local competitors, rather than being based on fact. tribe


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