Madonna nut told: Stay away

A Manhattan judge drew a borderline around Madonna's Upper West Side apartment yesterday -- ordering a lovelorn retired city firefighter to stay at least 10 blocks away if he makes bail.
The directive came after Robert Linhart, 59, pleaded not guilty to charges that he resisted arrest -- and possessed a knife and an ice pick -- while waving hand-scrawled, love-professing posters outside the singer's home last month.
"A condition of his release will be that he not be within 10 city blocks of [Madonna's address on] Central Park West," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward said of Linhart, who was attempting to make $20,000 cash bail last night.
Prosecutors yesterday asked that bail be set at $60,000, noting Linhart has a DWI conviction and is facing felony weapons charges in the Madonna case.

New York Post


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