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  • A new D&G picture has been published on
  • Guy Oseary commented via his Twitter profile that there is no truth to Madonna's new tour soon, or her opening acts, but that he'll keep the fans posted.

    Madonna has refused to allow a man said to be the father of her adopted daughter to visit the 4-year-old, after questioning the legitimacy of his claims.
    The 52-year-old singer adopted daughter Mercy from a Malawi orphanage last year. James Kambewa has since come forward and requested a meeting with the child, saying that he is her biological father.
    However, Madonna's spokeswoman Barbara Charone told the South African Sunday Times: "The extended family members had no knowledge of a father. The village leadership had no knowledge of a father... the mother was raped and left."
    Kambewa, a 26-year-old waiter from Durban, initially opposed the adoption, but has since told newspapers that he is happy that Mercy is living with the star. (digital spy)

    The Love Today singer worries about what Madge thinks of him after he stayed silent while sat on the same table as her at an Oscars after-party.
    Mika admits he was quiet because he didn't want to share details of his private life with the 52 year old.
    He told Italian magazine Sorrisi: "I'm not a socialite, my private life belongs to me only.
    "Add to that the fact that I'm really shy."
    The 27 year old added: "During an Oscar after-party, I made a poor figure with Madonna.
    "I was sitting at the same table with her and Christian Louboutin, but I was too shy to say even one word, I wonder what she might have thought about me." (musics room)


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