Madonna daughter's father wants pictures of girl

The biological father of Madonna's adopted daughter Mercy has appealed to the pop star to send him pictures of the little girl he has never met.

James Kambewa said it was "emotionally painful" that he could not be with his five-year-old daughter whom Madonna adopted in Malawi last year.
"I would appreciate it Madonna could send me pictures of how she looks like now as I don't get any pleasure of being with her," He said. "It's emotionally painful for me as a father."

Speaking to the Sunday Time newspaper in South Africa, Mr Kambewa added: "I'm very happy that Madonna is taking care of her. But as a parent, from the moment I heard that she was still alive, I wanted to meet her and I'm hopeful that I'll meet her one day."

Mr Kambewa, 26, who initially opposed the adoption, said he moved to South Africa to earn money to pay for a flight to Britain to see his daughter – if he can make contact with the pop star who also an adopted Malawian boy called David Banda.
The mother of Mercy died in childbirth aged 14. Mr Kambewa said he thought his child had died with her but later learned through a friend that she was alive and living at an orphanage. He said he had fought to convince the Malawian authorities that he was Mercy's biological father, offering to take a DNA test but was unsuccessful.
He said he wanted his daughter to learn about her roots and family background. He added: "Sadly, she can't learn any of that now but I would still like her to be raised in a good way that any child is supposed to be raised."

In April, Mr Kambewa missed an opportunity to see Mercy when Madonna returned to Malawi with both her adopted children to launch a 10m pound academy for girls. She had hoped to reunite both children with their fathers but Mr Kambewa did not return to his homeland because he was working in Durban.


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