5 Timeless Videos From The Ageless Madonna

As we mentioned earlier today, it's Madonna's 52nd birthday. Over the last 30 years of her unique and unparalleled career, her Madgesty has given us some great videos, some controversial videos and -- hey, let's be honest -- some videos that missed the mark.

But more often than not she's been right on target, not just staying in tune with the times, but defining them. So with that in mind, and given that she remains so unbelievably beautiful and relevant at 52, we thought we'd take a look at some of this ageless wonder's most timeless videos.

1. "Secret" (1994)
Shot in Harlem, this sleek and chic black-and-white video features some lovely, elegant performance footage of Madonna playing at the famed Lenox Lounge.

2. "Vogue" (1990)
There may be some very dated dance moves at the heart of this David Fincher-directed clip (though Voguing is still a vital underground dance movement), the song's references to Hollywood's Golden Age transcends any specific time period.

3. "Ray Of Light" (1998)
Jonas Akerlund's portrait of manic modern life was a prescient look at our fast-paced times.

4. "Music" (2000)
When Madonna embraced dance pop on her eighth studio album, Music, it was a move ahead of its time. Madonna either anticipated or flat out inspired a genre-bending pop sound that would dominate the industry for years to come. The video is a mix of late-'90s hip hop and the grainy glam of '70s exploitation movies.

5. "Take A Bow" (1994)
Again a mixture of Old World (Spanish matadors are a dominant theme), Old Hollywood and modern times, "Take A Bow" is an intimate and glamorous clip about eternal longing. Not to mention amazing netted-veil hats.



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