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  • Madonna has cast Natalie Dormer as Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in a film about the Edward VIII abdication crisis.
    "This country tends to remember the Queen Mother as a rather wrinkly 97 year-old, but I am playing her when she was quite an enchanting, engaging twenty and thirtysomething," Natalie Dormer told me. "She was quite a savage and savvy game player."
    The "Queen of Pop" is understood to be portraying Queen Elizabeth as a highly negative influence in W.E., which is sympathetic to Wallis Simpson, the twice-divorced American socialite, who caused a constitutional dilemma when the king declared his desire to marry her.
    Mandrake reported in March that Madonna would ask the Queen for filming on W.E. to be allowed in royal palaces.
    Madonna's film has already undergone several changes. The latest is that Margo Stilley, who appeared in the sexually explicit film 9 Songs, has left. "I had the role, but we had artistic differences," said the American actress.
    Stilley added of Madonna: "She is really something. I wish the cast luck because they are all really talented."

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