Madonna's birthday 2010

The Queen of POP will celebrate her birthday on August 16th! This is an opportunity to express our affection for her and her career!

Are you an artist? Draw a picture or a montage put Madonna in value or just write a small text to express your passion!

You have until the August 9, to send PHOTO (S), VIDEO (S), DRAWING (S) AND MOUNTING (S), TEXT (S ),... Without forgetting to write "Happy Birthday" of course:)!

Some examples:
- Shalbum collection of Madonna.
- Write "Happy Birthday" on your hand and you take a picture with your webcam.
- If you have an old picture of you at a Madonna concert, add your message and send it to us.
- Take a picture of your collection, the object of which you are most proud of (concert tickets, bracelets, books, T-Shirt ...).

If you have a simple picture without registration, send us your message and we will add it. Remember to include your first name or nickname and your country!

Your participation is important, take 5 minutes to send us your participation and it will appear in a video made specially for the occasion!

Soon on Facebook!


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