Maripol & Antonio Banderas on Madonna

Maripol is famous art director, stylist, designer and photographer who was an instrumental presence and influence in the raising years of Madonna. She's "guilty" for Madonna's early looks, including the one for the "Lucky Star" video, and then there's the "Like A Virgin" album cover.

Do you still talk to the people you used to style?
I still talk to Debbie Harry. Madonna, I speak to rarely because she’s always all over the planet somewhere. I saw her in Cannes and I miss her a lot, but it’s funny, I miss my old little Madonna. If I want to talk to her I can just email her. I really admire what she’s doing right now with Africa, she has the means to do it so it’s great. I always used to see a lot of spirituality in this girl and I wasn’t too far from the truth. She just never stops.

And Spanish actor Antonio Banderas talked about the crush Madonna had on him during early '90s.

“Yeah, she says these things - she didn’t repeat it to me; it could have been dangerous, depending on how I would have been that day.
Nothing happened - never ever.
When I first met Madonna, she was a star on her Blond Ambition tour and I was a working actor who paid to see her.
We worked together in Evita and she was absolutely committed to her character. Even now, I still find it weird.
I saw her at the Oscars. She invited us to go to her house for a party - you should have seen Robert De Niro, Mick Jagger and me all doing the conga!”


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