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Music's Greatest Hit Blunders

It's the collaboration that pop fans the world over dreamed of. However, Madonna and Michael Jackson never did get around to working together, despite becoming close friends at the height of their fame. In fact, not long ago it was revealed he had turned down her idea for a duet in the ‘80s because it was "too provocative".

Rumour has it that he also snubbed an offer to record ‘La Isla Bonita', which Madonna eventually turned into an international smash. Jacko surely regretted that decision. It's a feeling Britney Spears can probably understand, after she binned her take on Lady Gaga's ‘Telephone' from 2008's ‘Circus' album.

Big thanks to Arsen, from Macedonia!

Into The Groove (S&S Backdrop, Keith Harring theme)

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