Demi Moore, Madonna and Cameron Diaz Share Relationship Secrets in New Book

Stars like Demi Moore, Madonna and Cameron Diaz might be better known for entertaining the masses in front of the lens, but these Hollywood A-listers have now put pen to paper and contributed handwritten notes to a new sex/dating/relationships advice book entitled “That’s What SHE Said: Women Reveal What Men Really Need to Know,” compiled by former “Punk’d” producer, T.J Jefferson.

Madonna, of course, expressed her desire for female domination – but if you ever get the chance to get up close and personal with the “Material Girl,”don’t forget to tell her she’s hot.

“Women are here to smash man's ego, plain and simple. Accept this and life will be better,” she scrawled. “Also women like it when men tell them they look nice. If you want more than that you will have to pay for it.”

And while a slew of stars had their say on a range of issues from fighting to sexting, Jefferson didn’t disregard the average American.

“You’ve got people like Madonna giving advice in the book,, but then you’ve got housewives in the mid west and teachers and nurses, I wanted to make sure everyone had their voice heard,” Jefferson added. “It might be hard for someone to relate to what Madonna is saying, but most of us can relate to everyday people, people that aren’t famous and aren’t in the spotlight – they need to be heard as well.”

Fox News


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