Selling Madonna's privacy

An unidentified seller at eBay offers Madonna's photos that were originally owned by her ex-assistant Melissa Crow.
Among the photos there are rarely seen Herb Ritts shots from 1987 and 1989, candid photos and polaroids, set photos, autographed items and one "historic" picture showing one year Madonna on the lap of her late mother, Madonna Fortin with her dad Sylvio Ciccone and two older brothers Martin and Anthony.
Some of the private photos are also a bit risque' as in one Madonna is kissing a dildo with publicist Liz Rosenberg next to her.
Melissa was Madonna's manager from 1987 to 1996. MadonnaTribe reports that Melissa is shocked to know some personal items that belonged to her are up for sale and she is indeed very upset by this situation and is trying to find a way to prevent the sale of these personal items. She also wants fans to clearly understand that she is NOT behind this Ebay auction and that she is doing anything to get the items back into her possesion. She is also kindly asking people not to bid on the items.

There fore, we are not posting the link to this auction.


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