Madonna and children to visit Malawi next week

As previously announced on, Madonna is going on a short trip. She landed in Heathrow airport this morning but won't be in London for long.
Her adopted Malawian daughter Mercy is to meet her real family for the first time.
The pop star, 51, also plans to meet the natural father of her son David on a trip to the African country next week.
The two four-year-olds “can proudly show off their dance skills and meet their relatives,” a source said. The family — including Lourdes, 14, and Rocco, 10 — are set to fly out on Monday.
"She promised to take them back to their homeland - she sees it as vital they understand their roots," a friend told The Sun.
"Mercy's meeting with her family will be particularly emotional as it's the first time she's seen them since last summer."
During the trip, Madonna will also start laying bricks to mark the start of building her girls' academy.

Press Association


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