Jean Paul Gaultier Dishes On Dressing Madonna And What Was Under Guy Ritchie's Kilt

Designer Jean Paul Gaultier talked to the Times UK about the creation of Madonna's now-famous cone bra, revealing that he was a fan of the songstress in the late '80s.

"She made her first concert in Paris in 1987 or 1988, and there was a party after. I was intimide, but she was first to arrive, waiting for everybody. She was like this always for 10 years, always on time but now... boof, finished! She is the last one," he said.

He offered to make a "super-special" outfit for her but she didn't exactly take him up on his offer.

"Then, two days before my show, I receive a phone call. They tell me it's Madonna, but I'm like, 'Yeah, yeah, okay, whatever.' I don't believe it's possible. But the next day I ask if it's true, and there is a number and I call and she answers and tells me to come to New York and we prepare for the tour."

However, being part of Madonna's sartorial crew also meant knowing a bit about her ex-husband Guy Ritchie's ensembles. At the couple's 2000 wedding, Ritchie donned a kilt...with nothing under it, Gaultier said.

"I ask him, 'It's true?' He say, 'You see!'" he says, miming Ritchie whipping up his skirt. And was it...? "Well, I understood Madonna! Hahaha!" he cackles.


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