I want MY vodka, damn it!

Madonna attended Sir Elton John's pre-Oscars party sponsored by Grey Goose vodka, but Madge is a Belvedere gal so when she went to order her favorite poison she flipped her shiz when she found out it wasn't available.

It was left to one rather nervous waiter to tell her only Grey Goose was available and when he did all hell broke loose. Madonna was dropping F-bombs like they were going out of fashion.
Fortunately Guy [Oseary] was able to calm her down. But she sulked about the vodka and ordered a non-alcoholic virgin mojito instead. She was clearly up for a drink, but wasn't prepared to compromise on her vodka choice.

And then when Jane Fonda went over to talk to Her Madgesty, she got snubbed as Madonna walked past her simply saying, "Hey Jane" without so much as looking at her. Ouch!



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