Madonna Wallis Simpson Musical Biopic Hits Casting Snag

Speaking of Her Madgesty: Madonna hasn’t exactly turned out Oscar-worthy performances on the silver screen. Shanghai Surprise, anyone? The Material Girl’s wretched rep in Hollywood has sparked mayjah casting problems for her latest directorial effort — a musical biopic based on the life of King Edward VIII lover Wallis Simpson.

No one wants to be Madonna’s leading lady! Keira Knightley and Cate Blanchett have already passed on the project and Madge has having increasing difficulty finding an actress willing to overlook the bounty of box office stinkers on her resume, an industry exec reveals in the Jan. 11 issue of Star Magazine.
“There are worries that Madonna will get too involved because she wrote the script and the music,” says a source. “And there’s concern that she may want to take a small role which would discredit the film.”

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