Madonna Has Working Tear Ducts

Though Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been chummy with Madonna since 1991, Gabbana admits they shared "a sort of fear" of asking her to "do anything businessy" for them, like appear in an ad campaign. Because they probably didn't want her to hate them for asking — you know, coming off like they were trying to use her — and then not wear their clothes or be their friend, most importantly. Wasting no time in stealing her from Louis Vuitton after two seasons of campaigns for that label, Dolce posed her as an Italian housewife for the spring 2010 ads. In one image she appears to be crying after reading a letter from a loved one. "She was really crying!" Gabbana tells W. "It wasn’t fake!" He doesn't say whether that part where she eats pasta is fake, but explains, "They say there’s a connection between food and sex." Especially when you shoot Madonna's ample bosoms as she's peeling onions.

NY Mag


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